Partial Coordination

 The partial coordination includes:

  • Confirmation of all suppliers contracted by the client a week before the activity.
  • Creating a sketch
  • Chronologinal event planning and, logistic and assembly location.
  • Advice on the protocol and traditions of the ceremony and reception (waltz, toast, throw the bridal bouquet and garter).
  • Confirmation of missing guests one week before the wedding.
  • Wedding rehearsal with bridal couple and the entourage.
  •    Supervision of venue.
  • Greeting and accomodation of guests for the ceremony and reception.
  • Coordination for the processional order at the ceremony.
  • Presence of two coordinators to complete the activity.
  • Delivery of the final payment to suppliers involved in the wedding day, withh evidence of payment.
  • Basquet utility first aids for the ladies restroom.